North East England-based business consultant Aidan Stradling, in partnership with colleagues in Russia's Baltic region of Kaliningrad, has launched a new Anglo-Russian Centre in the region. The new Centre will work with Small and Medium-sized Businesses, as well as public and voluntary sector bodies, to support knowledge transfer and trade.

"We will focus initially on regional-to-region co-operation and events, opening up routes for direct English-Russian joint working. The first agency agreement, with Russian Language School "Privet!" ("Hello!"), is already in operation, and more are due to follow."

Visit the Anglo-Russian Centre website at

North East England / Kaliningrad region

Северо-восточная Англия / Калининградская область


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Aidan Stradling Consultancy is able to offer a company formation service. To see if the company name you are thinking about is available, click below; for more comprehensive packages including accountancy and banking, contact us.

Company formation service

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Medium-sized businesses

Companies need to safeguard their areas of work against unfavourable changes in government or EU policy. They may also wish to advise UK or overseas governments or the EU on changes to policy or practice that will help them operate more effectively.

Companies do have the power to influence such things, though they may not realise it. Often it is left to industry sector associations, or business groups to do it on a more generic level, thus missing the detail that can be vital to a particular company’s success or survival. They may also lack experience or confidence in managing and handling inward or outward international visits. Companies outside North East England may need the help of a single co-ordinating point in the region to handle arrangements with several clients across several sectors. Contact me to discuss your needs.

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Industry sectors

Numerous influencing and lobbying organisations represent sectors of industry and groupings of authorities or organisations. Some have dedicated offices in London and Brussels through which to channel their efforts. Others don’t, and I will help fill that gap in the market by providing some of the detailed work that goes into creating, running and managing an advice campaign or profile raising effort. Others work in a specific region or local authority area, and are not experienced in operating in London or Brussels. Call me to explore possible ways I can help.

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Local authorities

The new coalition government in the UK (May 2010) moved swiftly to dismantle the regional governance architecture and pass on roles and responsibilities to local authorities. Housing, planning and transport are just some of the policy areas where local councils will need to co-operate with neighbouring authorities and sub-regional partners. Experts from the Policy Angel Network are available to support work in these policy areas. We can also provide expertise in discretely maximising local benefit from ongoing and developing international engagement.

This service is available to local authorities and their associations in all English regions, and can include:

  • Secretariat support for sub-regional strategy development;
  • Briefing for councillors on the EU Committee of the Regions;
  • Member selection and appointment management for CoR members;
  • Member support for Council of Europe Congress of Local and Regional Authorities;
  • Management of foreign region-to-region partnership agreements; and
  • Support for regional and UK national sessions of the European Youth Parliament.

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Government agencies

As a facilitator and trainer, I can work with established training providers to develop a bespoke package course for government departments, agencies and regional offices. Events can be delivered locally as a one-off or repeated for wider coverage, and can be tailored to reflect your own organisation’s areas of work and priorities. Training providers to work with include Westminster Explained, the National School of Government and the European Institute of Public Administration, as well as similar bodies in other countries.

I can offer advice and guidance on policy development and on engagement and liaison with central government and parliament.

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Overseas regions’ governments and agencies

Work I have undertaken for North East England has included:

  • Liaison with Gyeonggi Provincial Government of South Korea;
  • Management of the co-operation agreement with the Czech region of Moravia-Silesia;
  • Hosting a bi-annual 4-month secondment under the Romanian Young Professionals Scheme; and
  • Liaising with British embassies abroad to highlight opportunities for North East England.
  • I also have knowledge and experience of governance in the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands and their specific relationship with the UK government, the EU and the Commonwealth.

Contact me to discuss options for representation, partnership-building or networking with potential partners in North East England.

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EU meetings

In the second half of 2005, the UK held the Presidency of the Council of the EU. During that time, two meetings were held in North East England. The Informal Ministerial meeting of Justice and Home Affairs Ministers took place in Newcastle, and a meeting of the EU Committee of the Regions Education and Culture Commission took place in Durham.

Regions wishing to attract a Presidency meeting need to begin the process well in advance, and talk to the right people in the right government departments. There is inevitably a cost involved, but the value can be great in raising the region’s profile and establishing it as a serious player in national and EU policy development.

For advice on the processes to be followed and to discuss options and outcomes, contact me.

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European Commercial and Consular Office

Newcastle and North East England are home to the honorary consuls of 12 foreign countries. The consular corps in the region is supported by the European Commercial and Consular Office, headed by the French Honorary Consul, Dr Andrew Robinson. ECCO works to develop and support a range of activities and opportunities, particularly in the areas of freedom, security and justice.

ECCO is involved in the North East Fraud Forum, the EU-funded r4egov project, and ongoing work with the French embassy in London and the Jean Monnet Centre at Leeds University on biometrics. We have worked closely with ECCO on several projects, including a number of regional events for the UK office of the European Parliament, and their Inside Track Europe service.

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WhitingEaton Associates

WhitingEaton Associates is a Brussels-based consultancy specialising in EU advice on European policy and programmes, coupled with interim management for start-up organisations and projects, to guide you through the “Brussels maze”. Glynis Whiting, Director of WhitingEaton Associates, has 30 years’ leadership experience in EU and UK public policy, with a consistent thread of getting projects, partnerships and networks up and running. “Over recent years I have focused on using EU policy and programmes to help businesses and public sector organisations develop capacity to make things happen and ensure an impact on the ground”.

The company has specialist expertise in regional policy, economic development, innovation, enterprise and regeneration. Contact WhitingEaton

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Allancia and Partners4Business

Allancia, based in Washington, runs a system akin to ‘speed dating’ for conference delegates. Allancia has also developed the Partners4Business Network, which operates as an 'on-line' directory and b2b networking club. It provides low cost but effective introductions to new business contacts - locally, nationally and internationally. In parallel with these services, Aidan Stradling Consultancy can help provide policy content and speaker selection for conferences, seminars, shows and events. Contact me to discuss options and see also the Allancia website.

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